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5 San Diego Restaurants to Take Your Kids

No matter if you’ve lived in the San Diego area for a while or if you are just popping into town for a visit with the family, you may not be familiar with all of these kid friendly establishments. If you are looking to appease the kids and try something fun yourself, give any of these a whirl:

Donut Bar: this place is downtown and is donuts on steroids. Not necessarily a fun filled adult establishment, but if you want sheer joy from your kids, this place is it. There is a bit of a line, so grab a coffee and prepare to wait a bit.

Hash House: this place is in Hillcrest (close to downtown) and takes care of everybody…BLT Bloody Mary’s + Hot Chocolates as big as your face. The food is great and the plates are as big as anything I’ve ever seen…the Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken is a must. There is a wait for this one too, so prepare yourself for hanging out for 45 minutes or so.

Corvette Diner: this one is close to downtown and is excitement for the kids all the way…straws in the hair, dancing servers, video games, but a decent bar makes it not too painful on the adults.

Draft Republic: there are 2 of these…one in La Jolla and one in Carlsbad. It is great for kids and adults with a full bar and more adult type food. It has lots of video games, ping pong, pool, etc and will keep the kids entertained for hours while you watch sports on any of the multitude of TV screens.

Urge Gastropub: there are 3 of these: one is in San Marcos, another in Oceanside and another in Rancho Bernardo. I’m speaking more to the one in San Marcos as this is the one I’ve frequented the most, but it is extremely adult friendly with more adult type food, like Draft Republic. It has bowling, outdoor games, and is a huge place.

These are the ones we find our kids enjoy the most, but if you know of something I missed, hit me up.


Thinking About Visiting San Diego…Here’s a Tip From a Local…September in Del Mar

Firstly, don’t visit in May or June…sounds great, but believe it or not, our cloudiest time of year and not cheap. So, suggestion…September and October are amazing (basically , start booking now!)…school is back in, so tourists are gone, beaches are open, weather is stellar, and everything is cheaper.

Also, I don’t care who you are, if you’ve never tried to surf, give it a go. There are a ton of people who will give you a quick lesson…you will be standing in 1 hour tops and have the time of your life. Just make sure waves aren’t much bigger than 2-3ft the day you choose to go out.

Where to stay. Well, here’s a vote for the Del Mar area and a few things to do really close:

Del Mar Motel: Yes, it is a MMMMMotel, but there aren’t many places in San Diego where you can stay right on the beach…LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! You also have some amazing restaurants right around it. If you want to drop $500-800 on Hotel Del or $400 on L’Auberge down the street that isn’t even on the beach, go for it, but for the money this place is legit. As I said above, if you can manage to come after Labor Day weekend, rates are fantastic and so is the weather.

Jake’s Del Mar: Right next door to the Del Mar Motel, this place can’t be beat and anybody that says it is a tourist trap is out of their mind. Forget getting a table and just sit up at the bar for appetizers, an orange blossom margarita, and an unbelievable sunset (as it’s right on the beach).

Zumbar: Want an insane cup of espresso…try this place. My review is for the one in Sorrento Valley, but there is a new one in Del Mar as well if you are staying at the above.

Pacifica Breeze: Love the outdoor setup, love the food, and love the location. There are probably 10 other great breakfast/brunch/lunch places in the area, so do as you please, but the location for this one sells it for me.

Belly Up: There are hardly any live music venues in San Diego, but if you are up for one and there is something going on, give this place a go.

If you are a real foody on a budget, consider coming the last week in September for Restaurant Week. Most restaurants participate and you can usually get a stellar 3 course meal at a deep discount. They usually also extend it a week so probably good to go the first week of October as well.

That’s it…come see us!

“Stay classy, San Diego” -Ron Burgundy.