6 Insane Big Bold Red Wines that are Sofa King Bueno for $25 or Less

I had to “taste test” a lot of wines to get to these top 6, but somebody had to do it. I don’t have a palate that can tell you if there is Oak, Smoke, or Elderberries in them, but I do know they are yummy, they are big, bold, & red, and they are cheap, for now…enough said. I have put the links below pointing to Vivino as I use the app all the time and it’s spectacular. Give ’em a whirl:

  • Sofa King Bueno: $22 – Paso Robles, CA Red Blend…#1 and my absolute favorite on this list not just because the name is awesome, but because it is insanely delicious
  • Barrel 27 Bull by the Horns: $20 – Paso Robles, CA Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Treana: $25 – this one is from Paso Robles, CA. It’s a Cab and yes at $25 it’s a little more expensive…sorry, I couldn’t help it…sometimes I find it cheaper but it’s great and worth it even at $25
  • 19 Crimes: $10 – This one is from Australia. A Shiraz-Grenache-Mataro (no idea what the hell the last grape is but it’s a great combo and only 10 bones!
  • Klinker Brick: $14 – from Lodi, CA this is a big red zin
  • Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Private Selection (Aged in Bourbon Barrels): $15 – from Oakville, CA. It’s wine aged in Bourbon…need I say more!

If you have any favorites you’d like to share, holla back.

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