competition“If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize“ -Mohammad Ali

Many times the threat of attack is greater than the attack itself… don’t overestimate others or underestimate yourself.

If you want to motivate others, throw down a challenge to inspire. Talk in terms of others’ interests… appeal to others noble motives (charity, honesty, hard work).

Great goals produce great motivation (as Tim Ferris says in 4 Hour Work Week…“You may run through brick walls for a sailing trip to the Greek Isles, but not be willing to change your brand of cereal to go to Sandusky, Ohio”), however, realize that the secret to winning usually is a series of singles, not a home run.

Before you begin make sure you understand the rules… many times they aren’t the same for everybody. What rules does your competition have to comply with… do you? This may be your opening. Examples: US military vs. ISIS, Wal-Mart vs. Amazon, Donal Trump vs. 20 year politicians, etc. An old cliché says “fight fire with fire”… this is stupid… fight fire with water. It is hard to win playing someone else’s game… play your own game relative to others.

“Sometimes you have to respect your competition so much that you treat them with no respect at all. You have to defeat a great players aura more than their actual game” -Pat Riley

If you have ever seen the ending rap battle in the movie 8 Mile, Eminem kills the competitive spirit of his opponent by saying everything negative he thinks he’s going to say about him before he can do it and he has nothing left to say…beat your opponents to the punch!

Practice on your weaknesses, but play to your strengths

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